photo of dental employee

I’ve worked at PDA for eight years. I love showing children there’s nothing to be scared of at the dentist and that we are friendly, and on their side. It’s great to see a child’s face light up at the end of an appointment and tell their mom “hey that was easy!”

We are a very friendly staff. Teamwork is very important to us! We treat every patient like our own.


I started with PDA February of 2015. I love starting our days with morning huddles that can include everything from music and inspirational words to teamwork. What an awesome combination!


I enjoy coming to work.  I feel valued and appreciated. I truly feel blessed to be a part of the PDA family.


photo of woman on phone
photo of dental employee

I have been working with PDA for 9 years now. I love helping kids get over their dental fears.  So many of our young patients come in scared and not knowing what to expect. But once they experience PDA, they love coming back and arrive ready to have FUN!!! I love educating kids on their dental health. We are setting them up for a future of good oral hygiene.

We, the employees of PDA, love what we do.  We take pride in our work, and we love our patients. Kids’ oral health is our top priority, and we make it as fun and memorable for our kids as possible.

I also had the chance to further my studies at PDA. We are provided yearly continuing education classes to keep us up on the latest knowledge and technology in the world of dentistry. And, just last year, I personally had the opportunity for advancement and completed an infiltration class, which has allowed me to be a greater asset to our office.


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